Regional Data Toolkit EN

Regional Data Toolkit

The Regional Data Toolkit (RDT) is an online tool for supporting the development of open data, created within the framework of the Regional Data Network project.

It functions as an online guide containing simple procedures on how to open and manage open data properly, applicable for state administration, local governments and public organisations. The RDT was created based on the project outputs and its development is being done by people who are working on open data issues, working with open data or trying to use it in practice in public organisations. It contains guidance, information and recommendations to help with issues throughout the data lifecycle. Based on the standards and recommendations of the National Open Data Portal ( ), RDT supports FAIR data – traceable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable – from the first steps of data management planning to the final steps of data storage in public repositories.

Data Lifecycle

RDT is designed to replicate the life cycle of open data. It walks you through all the key steps of the cycle, recommends specific activities at each step, and recommends tools you can use at that stage. We hope this will provide you with an easy-to-understand resource that will improve your understanding of how to manage open data in your organisation.