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Project RegionalData

Czech-Bavarian Open Data Network

The RegionalData project creates a cross-border network aimed at developing connection and cooperation between open data owners and digital service providers in the South Bohemia-Bavaria region. This digital networking focuses especially on state administrations, municipalities and public organisations that are most active in data opening.

The main priorities of the project are:

  • creating a network of open data owners and digital service providers
    connecting open data owners with service providers and their users
  • improving awareness of the importance and Usability of open data
    knowledge transfer between data providers and data processors
  • mapping the scope of published data and services/applications
    network creation with an environment for common discussion between it members and external experts
  • developing cross-border cooperation in the field of open data publishing and use
    sharing experience and know-how in opening and processing open data
  • improving the quality and standardisation of data opening procedures
    introduction with examples of good practice, national standards and procedures for data harmonisation

For many local and regional initiatives and institutions, providing open data is becoming a common way of sharing information with public. Digitalisation, transparency, easy accessibility of information and unrestricted sharing are a phenomenon of our times. Open data has various meanings and plays an important role depending on the area and purpose of use. It brings a fundamental change in the philosophy of access to information and becoming an integral part of most areas of public life. The coordinated support of open data and it’s sharing in the framework of cross-border cooperation can make a major contribution to strengthening the competitiveness and innovative potential of the region.

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Information about the project

The project Czech-Bavarian Network for Open Data / Tschechisch-Bayerisches Open Data Netzwerk is supported by the cooperation programme Free State of Bavaria – Czech Republic 2014-2020, Objective ECA 2014-2020.

Project partners: